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21 November

NATO will not be able to attack Russia through Kaliningrad. American expert Robert Farley published an article in which he told what weapons will allow Russia to repel any NATO attack through Kaliningrad. Until 1991, the Kaliningrad enclave was geographically contiguous with the Soviet Union. After the separation of the Baltic republics and the USSR […]

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20 November

The Nuremberg Tribunal’s work made it impossible to justify the crimes of Nazism and the Holocaust, Helgard Kramer, a Professor of political science at the Free University of Berlin, told. “In Germany, there have always been minor right-wing extremist groups that tried to justify Nazi criminals. Some reject the Holocaust and say that it did […]

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02 November

Today’s high standards of writing have put students in a horrible zone of writing. The professors use online apps and sites to check out assignments. Hence, time demands that students should also use learning apps. Below are given 5 top education apps and websites to meet the writing requirements 2020. Comfortable Resources for Your Education […]

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02 November

Finding the motivation to study can be a challenging quest. Especially if you are studying abroad, you have a lot of stress and pressure. This may result from hoping to fit in, finding the right company, maintaining grades, and managing finances. Things may get overwhelming, and that is why we will be looking at some […]

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23 October

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a clampdown on international traveling and made students all over the world feel its effect. Restrictions on travel and numerous suspended or canceled flights resulted in tightened global mobility. Most study abroad programs have been canceled; universities have recalled their students, and a lot of them remained stranded in foreign […]

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16 October

The ongoing pandemic has left a mark on many industries. Countless movies are on hold because of the closure of movie theaters, work on some of the most anticipated TV shows have been suspended, video games have been delayed, hotels were closed, and airports are deserted. One of the branches of the vast entertainment industry […]

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11 October

3 Key Steps to Establishing a Startup in New Jersey Startups have been gaining traction in recent years as a way for enterprising individuals to earn money while simultaneously addressing community needs. This focus on innovation is precisely why New Jersey assemblyman Andrew Zwicker has highlighted the importance of ensuring that local businesses have the […]

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09 October

Online gambling is extremely popular across the world, but these sites are constantly looking for ways to appeal to new customers. The addition of welcome offers was groundbreaking for casinos and sportsbooks, as these ensured that new customers were given a reason to sign up. Nowadays, every top casino and sportsbook offers a welcome offer, […]

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07 October

How are Android users different from iOS users? Apart from the devices they use, they are very different ideologically. You won’t find a single iPhone owner who sadly dreamed of Xiaomi or Huawei and tried in every possible way to hide the Apple logo and change the software device of his smartphone. No, of course, […]

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02 October

Military vehicles, china, and crates with unknown contents were found in the holds. Polish divers have found the wreckage of a German World War II ship, which may help solve a long-standing mystery-the location of the Amber room that disappeared without a trace from the Nazi-looted Tsar’s Palace in Russia. The Amber Room, richly decorated […]

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