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23 November

Time magazine has compiled a list of the 100 best, in their opinion, inventions of 2020. We looked at what gadgets were included in it. The list of one hundred devices was compiled based on editors’ and journalists’ opinions worldwide. Applications for participation were collected through a special online form. Each of the candidate devices […]

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18 November

The French edition of Automobile Propre has published renders of the next-generation Tesla Model S electric vehicle. The car looks attractive in the pictures. It gets the look of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car and has the same headlights, new taillights, a body with recesses for better aerodynamics, and a redesigned interior with two […]

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16 November

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the development of medical technology and the emergence of new means of protection. The most impressive of them are told by the BBC. BioVYZR helmets For the past two months, inventor Ezin Al-Qaysi has appeared in public wearing a huge black “mad helmet”. His hazmat helmet completely covers his head […]

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15 November

An independent engineer from the United States presented a guitar that he printed himself. He built several screens and LEDs into the musical instrument. Despite the size of the printer, only 300 x 300 mm, the researcher was able to design the guitar body in the form of sections that can be bolted together. It […]

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13 November

Scientists have come up with a quick way to 3D print metal. The particle velocity is about 600 m/s, which is higher than the speed of sound. Researchers at Cornell University have developed 3D printing technology that creates cellular metal materials by mixing powder particles at supersonic speeds. This technology is called “cold spray” and […]

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11 November

Despite the slowdown in electricity growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, renewables have surged in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). They now account for about 90% of the total capacity added this year. IEA experts noted an increase in spending on renewable energy in China and the United States. Various factories in […]

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08 November

The UK authorities have unveiled the first large-scale installation that will store excess energy in the air. It is efficient and highly scalable. The world’s first large liquid air energy storage facility was unveiled in the UK. It will use excess electricity from wind farms at night to compress air at -196 degrees Celsius. Then, […]

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08 November

A team of physicists from the Netherlands has printed a microscopic version of the starship Voyager from Star Trek. The device helped to understand the behavior of micro-floats in liquid. The miniature Voyager, which is 0.015 mm long, is part of a project by researchers at Leiden University. They want to understand how shape affects […]

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07 November

The Australian state of Victoria is about to build the world’s largest 300 MW battery. The author of the idea is the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla. The battery is needed to accelerate the transition to renewable energy while stabilizing the grid. The construction will be carried out by the French company Neoen. The […]

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22 October

You might have heard the saying millions of times that a picture says a thousand words. Well, this is a true statement, but today it has been updated in terms of search engine optimization. These days you can say that an image speaks for a thousand searches. Image search which is more commonly known as […]

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