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13 January

Happy or Sad? Life is neither entirely complex nor completely devoid of contention, which means most people strive to find a middle ground that fits their version of a balanced life. However, as a means of encouragement, it is often reassuring to approach life as a form of logic dualism. Happy or Sad. Life or […]

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23 November

  Written By Kim Sebastian-Khan Kim has attained the coveted title of Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public, or a ‘triple threat’ as it is known in the legal profession and has been trained by the best legal practitioners in the industry. She became a director of a mid-size law firm at the tender age of 28 […]

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23 October

Why Owning a Second Home is a Good Move The urban rat-race is an endless hard-to-break lifestyle, especially when it generates above-average revenue, occupational prestige and social status. While some thrive on the hectic pace and multiple perks a cosmopolitan city supplies, others yearn for a tranquil, simple lifestyle far away from the hustle-and-bustle. But, […]

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17 September

As we enter the month of August and keep trudging along in this unprecedented Global Lockdown, we thought we’d share our take on some interesting questions regarding the Property Market. How do lower interest rates, as a result of the lockdown, affect the value of my property? A drop in interest rates is nearly always […]

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11 September

Spring is in the air, it is getting warmer and so are the road closures that are on the move once again. I have had a number of new inquiries, attended a couple of “ON SITE” meetings. (I ensure social distancing and sanitizing at all meetings ), and joined 3 successful Zoom on line AGM’s […]

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