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20 September

In Germany, they demanded to complete the “Nord stream-2.” The Prime Ministers of the East German States agreed to support the project jointly. This is reported by Der Spiegel, citing sources. The heads of the East German States stressed that the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea is […]

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19 September

The candidate for the presidency of the Christian Democratic Union Party and a possible successor to Angela Merkel as German Chancellor, Friedrich Merz, called for a two — year moratorium on the construction of “Nord stream-2,” he said, speaking at an event of the CDU youth organization in the Federal state of lower Saxony, the […]

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13 September

The US Embassy in Libya said that the Libyan national army (LNA) had conveyed messages to the US government about the personal commitment of its commander, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, to fully restore the country’s energy sector and resume oil production. “The LNA subsequently conveyed to the US government General Haftar’s personal commitment to allow the […]

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09 September

Investors were alarmed by the suspension of AstraZeneca vaccine trials. After significant losses on Wall Street the day before, European markets are showing positive dynamics on Wednesday, while Asian markets are showing negative dynamics. London’s FTSE index was up 0.7 percent by midday, Paris’s CAC-40 was up 0.4 percent, and Frankfurt’s DAX was up 0.8 […]

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