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02 November

In a month, a forum on digital transformation in education, business and public administration Digital Innopolis Days will take place. The event will take place on December 2–4, with the Innopolis University as the main venue and organizer. The Digital Innopolis Days Forum will take place from 2 to 4 December 2021. At Innopolis University, […]

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30 October

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned of the possible emergence of a new virus that will not be contained. “From a biological point of view, there is no doubt that someday another virus will appear, which we simply will not be able to contain,” he said during a meeting […]

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28 October

Restrictions have also been imposed on two Lebanese entrepreneurs. The US authorities are imposing sanctions on a member of the Lebanese parliament, as well as two Lebanese entrepreneurs. This is reported in a press release issued on Thursday by the American Ministry of Finance. “Today, the Ministry of Finance <…> added two Lebanese businessmen and […]

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28 October

So the head of Tesla and SpaceX responded to the publication that in the event of the introduction of the “tax for billionaires” promoted by the U.S. Democrats, the payments of Elon Musk and the head of Amazon and Blue Origin Jeff Bezos would be enough to finance a mission to land a man on […]

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28 October

No one is ready to accept this formulation, said Ian Bremmer, founder, and president of the international research and consulting firm Eurasia Group. The allies of the United States, like almost all other countries of the world, are currently not ready to agree with the slogan of the American president, Democrat Joe Biden, who, after […]

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28 October

Elon Musk also spoke out against the tax. Former U.S. President Donald Trump and entrepreneur Elon Musk spoke out against the “tax for billionaires” promoted in the U.S. Congress by representatives of the Democratic Party. According to the former U.S. leader, if the tax is introduced, American billionaires will prefer to leave for another country, […]

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24 October

The Finance Minister acknowledged that the current inflation is higher than usual but stressed that control over it is not lost. According to the forecasts of Finance Minister Janet Yellen, the inflation rate in the United States will return to normal in the second half of 2022. “When do you expect inflation to return to […]

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22 October

In 2021, the federal budget deficit decreased by $360 billion compared to the record set in the fiscal year 2020. The U.S. federal budget deficit in the fiscal year 2021 amounted to $2.772 trillion, which is lower than the record level of the deficit noted in 2020. Still, in 2021, the deficit level reflected the […]

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21 October

According to experts, climate change can turn the entire financial system upside down. On Thursday, the Financial Stability Oversight Board will release recommendations on countering the risks posed by climate change, which could eventually lead to the introduction of new rules and stricter oversight of Wall Street. The report of the Council, which consists of […]

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21 October

Russia will fall under the restrictions. New export rules have been published in the United States, the purpose of which is to reduce the hacking capabilities of states such as Russia and China. The rules will take effect in 90 days. They prohibit the sale of software and hardware to certain states without the approval […]

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