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22 July

Prince Harry was caught in disrespect for the Queen because of the upcoming and already scandalous book of memoirs. This is reported by the Daily Star. According to the journalist Phil Dampier, who has been writing about the royal family for more than 35 years, the fact that the Duke of Sussex has scheduled the […]

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21 July

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee voted to exclude Liverpool from the list of World Heritage Sites due to the loss of characteristics indicating universal value. “The World Heritage Committee, during its 44th session, which is being held online in Fuzhou, decided to exclude the object “Liverpool-the city of Seafarers and Merchants” (United Kingdom of Great […]

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19 July

In particular, about $943 million was brought by golf courses and clubs, another $781 million came from deductions related to real estate, and $466 million came from operations related to licensing rights and the hotel business. The revenue of Donald Trump’s companies for the four years during which he was president of the United States […]

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18 July

The court in Los Angeles on the eve allowed the singer to hire a lawyer herself as part of the proceedings regarding custody of her. Britney Spears has announced that she does not intend to go on stage as long as her father Jamie Spears controls her creative activities. She announced this on her Instagram […]

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10 July

The fortune of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has grown by $ 10.6 billion, now it is estimated at 212.4 billion, according to Forbes data. At the same time, the former wife of the entrepreneur MacKenzie Scott became rich by $ 3.5 billion. Amazon shares are up 5.9 percent this week. Bezos left the post of […]

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08 July

Adidas has teamed up with Marvel to launch a special Stan Smith sneaker. The novelty will be dedicated to Baby Groot and Gamora from the film Guardians of the Galaxy. The shoes will be made of white leather and will have tongue with heroes’ faces, gold lettering, as well as colored insoles depicting characters. Interestingly, […]

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27 June

One of the richest people on Earth: a life between adoration and hatred. Elon Musk turns 50 on June 28. During this half a century, he has gone from a “nerd” boy who was bullied at school to a billionaire who became a hero of science and mass culture, throwing challenges and adoring scandals. We […]

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26 June

One of the key prosecution witnesses in the case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Icelandic citizen Sigurdur Thordarson, admitted to giving false testimony. According to the Icelandic newspaper Stundin, which published an interview with Thordarson, according to court documents, Assange, with the help of the latter, wanted to carry out hacking hacks in Iceland, including […]

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23 June

Supermodels were replaced by LGBT activists and women’s rights defenders. In 2019, Victoria’s Secret brand canceled its annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time in 25 years. Over the past few years, the catwalk audience has continued to decline, as have the company’s sales. Many fashion experts attributed this to the fact that […]

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15 June

The retired Alibaba founder now wants to “do what he likes,” said Joe Tsai, the company’s vice-chairman. Ma’s behavior is not related to pressure from the Chinese government, he said. NEW YORK – The founder of the Chinese company Alibaba, Jack Ma, tries to avoid public attention to his own person and devotes a lot […]

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