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10 September

Johnny wants to start filming, which has finally begun after several transfers, but Amber does not intend to wait until next year. Johnny Depp recently asked to postpone his trial with Amber Heard until next year. The actor noted that due to the coronavirus, work on the film “Fantastic Beasts 3” was postponed for a […]

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10 September

At the end of August, Jamie Spears again became Britney’s guardian, but the singer continues to fight to be stripped of this status. Despite the fact that the court recently rejected Britney Spears’ request to revoke her father’s guardianship, the pop star continues to fight for her independence. Recently, Britney’s lawyers filed a lawsuit with […]

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09 September

“There is only one culprit, and that is me,” Peter Madsen told the authors of a documentary about the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Thus, for the first time, he admitted his guilt. Three years after the brutal murder of journalist Kim Wall, whose severed head and torso were found in a sea Bay […]

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